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  • Rochester Boomtown History

    Rochester is a funny place. With 200,000 people in the urban center, and nearly 1,000,000 in the metro area, it is 51st in size in the United States. Not exactly large. That being said, it is the 2nd largest economy in New York State – behind New York City, which is surprising. I was listening […]

  • Snowy Rochester is great fun

    The snow keeps coming in Rochester NY. I, for one, love it. I think this is a great town when it is all white. It is most fun to take the kids sledding on one of the many hills in Rochester NY. With a bunch of fresh snow, and a blue sky up above, you […]

  • Apartment Rochester

    Have you seen what is on the Internet when searching apartment Rochester? You will get a bunch of national apartment listing firms that build city-specific sites. I guess they have decided that the Rochester apartment market is big enough for them to come into. Thus they have launched their sites, but are not really local. […]

  • Downtown Rochester

    Are you paying attention to what is happening with downtown Rochester? Are rather what is not happening down there? Midtown used to be a family-friendly place. It had offices and shops. It was a destination. I’m not saying that it’s not anymore. Certainly there are businesses there. But it is not like it was before. […]

  • Rochester NY city paper

    I was reading the City Paper in Rochester NY today. This is a great resource. If you are not familiar with it. You should check it out. I would think that most major things happening in Rochester NY are covered in here. Also, there is great political coverage. And there is a ton of local […]

  • Moving to Rochester NY

    Have you ever thought about moving to another state? They say that there are some great opportunities in Rochester NY. Moving to Rochester NY can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. The natural beauty in Rochester NY is incomparable. You may actually even find your dream house in Rochester NY. Rochester […]

  • Rochester NY

    Rochester NY is a metropolitan city located in Monroe County, New York. The big Rochester NY is considered as the second largest metropolitan economy in New York State. Rochester NY is also recognized as The Flour City or Flower City. According to the population estimations of 2008 the total population of Rochester NY is about […]

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