Snowy Rochester is great fun

The snow keeps coming in Rochester NY. I, for one, love it. I think this is a great town when it is all white. It is most fun to take the kids sledding on one of the many hills in Rochester NY. With a bunch of fresh snow, and a blue sky up above, you can have a great afternoon with the family. They kids tire themselves out running up and down the hill after the sled. And don’t think for a minute that the parents are not having fun also. They are.

Just take a run down one of Rochester’s great hills at high speed and even the most meek parent will let out a huge scream. And don’t underestimate the cathartic value of screaming. If you are thinking this sounds really cold, you need to understand that people in Rochester, NY are prepared. They have lots of layers and know how to dress for the cold. And there is simply nothing better than the warm soup when you come in after your time in the snow.

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